Yes...It's STILL a Thing! Our 2nd Album Fundraiser

MORE Awesome Premiere Recordings of New Music for Flute & Classical Guitar!

Your Gifts are Needed Immediately!

We are SUDDENLY faced with the happy need for something known in the industry as an "FYC Campaign." This "For Your Consideration" campaign is a highly specialized PR initiative designed to interest the 12,000 or so voting members of The Recording AcademyTM in listening to this album. That's very important because this album was already submitted to The Recording Academy TM to be considered for inclusion on the GRAMMY® Nominations Ballot in the category of Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance! We are humbled by and grateful for such an honor. Additionally, we must augment album publicity in the wider music marketplace in order to ensure its prominence there.

MORE about this album: In the words of composer Kent Holliday, whose exquisite "Four Romantic Songs Without Words" is included, "...[this is a] superb new recording...a wide variety of styles...makes it all the more fascinating to listen to. Thanks once again for proving "'s still a thing!' with this fresh sounding collection of new music." 

This album is Duo Sequenza’s second release on the Navona Records label and features still more World Premiere Recordings of sumptuous new music written for flute and classical guitar! Scheduled for release on September 9, 2022, this recording emphasizes the vast and surprising sound palette of textures and colors available to flute and classical guitar.  Listen here!

Composers Nicole Chamberlain, Andrea Clearfield, Frederic Hand, Kent Holliday, Katherine Hoover, Deirdre Lynds, Gary Schocker, and Harvey Sollberger artfully demonstrate that even the smallest chamber ensemble can pack a big musical punch!

Duo Sequenza’s previous album of world premiere recordings, released in 2019, has received airplay in nearly a dozen foreign countries with more than 100,000 worldwide streams/downloads.   

"...lovely and intimate...strong musicality that makes you forget how technically accomplished Silvert and Bowman are....It's a GOOD thing."   

--- Raymond Tuttle for Fanfare Magazine

YOU will play an invaluable role in bringing this wonderful music to a global audience with YOUR generous contribution to this project.

"Silvert has command of all the difficulties...and uses a wide range of expression to serve the music. Bowman is a solid and sensitive player who works well with his partner and his material. This is the only way to hear these pieces."   
--- Todd Gorman for American Record Guide 

“…a sublime listening experience…”   

--- Midwest Record Entertainment Reviews, News, & Views 

Not gonna lie, recent fundraising has been quite challenging, given the present inflationary environment.  

Please help us bring this beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, energizing, and positive music to a world that seems to all but have forgotten how to listen!

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