Feast for the Fourth

A fundraiser for Feast Down East

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“Feast for the Fourth” fundraiser presented by Feast Down East

Watch the cooking demo here.

This fundraiser includes a meal box curated by chef Ben Knight of Benny’s Big Time, along with specialty items from Dean Neff of Seabird. The majority of the ingredients will be sourced from Feast Down East farmers. Along with the meal box, there will be a virtual cooking demonstration from Ben who will show the participants how to prepare their meal. This is an opportunity to purchase an exclusive, seasonal farm-to-fork experience. This fundraiser is the first in a series for Feast Down East. 

The meal box features items from Feast Down East farmers. It includes a main course of ingredients to grill a grass-fed beef burger with local cherry tomatoes and goat cheese, including charred salt and pepper shishito peppers and pickles from Dean Neff. The side and dessert are a grain bowl and a blueberry bar, both prepared by Dean Neff. The beverage will be Taco Life Mexican Style Lager from Wilmington Brewing Company. Four beers are included in the box. The box feeds 2 people.

The meal box retails for $80 and is valued at $100. It will also include goods from Feast Down East, Benny’s Big Time, and Seabird. Boxes are available to purchase from June 7th until June 30th, or until boxes sell out. Very limited quantities are available. Box pick-up is on July 4th at Benny’s Big Time from 9-12 pm. 

The “Feast for the Fourth” fundraiser is raising money to repair Feast Down East’s box truck and to expand their vehicle fleet to include a new refrigerated van. The box truck is integral to the work of FDE as it is the primary vehicle for moving locally sourced products around the region. It’s essential that the box truck has an efficient cooling unit and updated tires to continue to move farm-fresh products to restaurants, institutions, and schools. 

The new refrigerated van would be a multipurpose asset allowing the organization to expand their farm-to-fork community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, allow their food hub to secure products from farms that aren’t currently able to meet them, and enable the organization to expand food distribution.

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Watch the cooking demo here.


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