Cape Fear Raptor Center’s Adopt-A-Raptor program allows people around the world to help us care for North Carolina's  wild raptors. By becoming an adoptive “parent,” you help support the daily care, feeding and any required medical treatment for your adopted bird. With  the Adopt-A-Raptor program you become "parent" to one of our resident Education Ambassadors.  Your tax-deductible donation supports Cape Fear Raptor Center's rehabilitation program of providing medical and surgical services to releasable raptors, and the year round care of our resident birds.

Adoptive “parents” receive an official adoption certificate, a photograph and biography of the adopted bird, and natural history information.  As a member you will receive a 10% discount on all of our gift shop items and any "Spread Your Wing" Experiences during the year of adoption. You may even be able to take a picture with your adoptive "Raptor Child" during a Spread Your Wing Experience (separate purchase required).

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Chirpa Starting at $30.00

Ellie Starting at $30.00

Barred Owl "Adelaide" Starting at $40.00

Red Shouldered Hawk "Micro" Starting at $40.00

Red Shouldered Hawk "Nev" Starting at $40.00

Turkey Vulture "Zack" Starting at $40.00

Barn Owl "Karma" Starting at $50.00

Great Horned Owl "Archie" Starting at $50.00

Moe and Curley Starting at $50.00

Nero Starting at $50.00

Osprey "Stormy" Starting at $50.00

Red-Tailed Hawk "Opie" Starting at $50.00

Eagle Starting at $100.00


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