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Serving orphans in the Busia District 

There are billions of needs in Africa and all over the world: physical and spiritual. We can’t do everything, but we can start with someone. We found a specific need for orphans in Lumino, Uganda who are nearing the end of middle school but do not have the funds to continue into high school. Education is not free in Uganda. The average yearly school fees in middle school are about 20 USD. The average yearly school fees in high school are about 325 USD. Most caregivers can afford middle school but cannot afford high school, which unfortunately places orphans in a vulnerable spot. Idleness heightens teen pregnancy, sex trafficking, drugs, and illiteracy. Structure, education, opportunities, and discipline can prevent idleness, and promote flourishing. We want orphans in Lumino to flourish. 

By God’s grace, Son Mission has been bridging this gap for orphans in Lumino - since 2016. Currently, we are providing 24 orphans with an opportunity to attend a Christian boarding school called Howard Christian High School in Busia, Uganda. This opportunity is possible because of generous supporters like you. 

480.00 yearly or 40.00 monthly shoulders an orphan's high school fees for an entire school year, 2 meals per day, access to a library and laboratory, agricultural field trip to Jinja, school books, pens, school uniform, mattress, calculator, bed sheets, bug net, suitcase, and continued discipleship. Howard Christian High School is gated and structured; promotes discipline, and provides necessary education for flourishing. We pray you join us as we serve orphans in the Busia District. 

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