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Here at TST, we believe that a series of small, but intentional actions can produce big impact for the vulnerable families and children we partner with.


In order to provide chance, not charity, for the children and families that reside in the Meru District, we invite interested volunteers from all over the world to join our cause. TST works with the local community to create high impact and ethically responsible volunteer opportunities for those interested in affecting sustainable and long-lasting change. We are a completely humanitarian, non-denominational, registered nonprofit with one simple motive—to provide opportunity to th e vulnerable children and families of Nkoaranga. Unlike many organizations, none of our program fees or fund-raising efforts support administration. Because of this, we really depend on the commitment of the volunteers we partner with to help support our operations. Volunteering with TST will mean that you are part of a dedicated global network of people who truly want to make a difference!

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