Robert J. Michalski Memorial Fund

100% of funds raised will go toward pediatric brain cancer research

When my father passed away, he did not “lose” his battle with brain cancer. He fought, he advanced science, he helped others throughout his own struggle, he made the technicians, nurses and doctors laugh (that darn dark sense of sarcastic humor!) and he LOVED on his family. Once his mission here on earth was complete, I believe that he simply handed me the torch. And then, in true Rob/Dad/Gaga form, he steered my focus towards kids. Because as you all know, after our mother, we were the loves of his life. Only to be eclipsed by the absolute love for his grandchildren. 

With my mother’s blessing, I created the Robert J. Michalski Memorial Fund through Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation. 100% of the donations will ALWAYS be directed to pediatric brain cancer research.  

Much love.


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Robert J. Michalski passed away at age 58 after a more than 2.5 year battle with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) – malignant brain cancer. GBM is considered a grade IV tumor. They are the most aggressive and are very infiltrative, spreading into other parts of the brain quickly. During that time, Rob was instrumental in one of the drug trials he participated in. He was committed to using his cancer battle to help others and further research. 

As told to us by our Board Chair, his daughter, Kristen Alexander, he LOVED kids. He had 3 beautiful grandkids he absolutely adored and would do anything for. She knows Rob would be honored by this fund. 100% of the funds raised will be used to fund pediatric brain cancer research. 

If you would like more information about this fund, or the trial, please feel free to contact Kristen at [email protected].

THANK YOU for your support!

With Faith, Love, and Much Hope for a Cure,

The Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation Team


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