Care Team Volunteer

Care Team volunteers provide monthly connection and support for foster families for a minimum of six months. Individuals from the Care Team should connect with the foster family at least once a month to bring practical items such as a meal or clothes. They could also spend time connecting through texts or in person.

The goal:

- Foster families are connected to a larger community that shows up practically & relationally.

- Children in foster care are shown love in tangible ways and there is a consistent message communicated that they are valuable. 

- Individuals who do not foster have a way to support and care for those in the foster care community.

Two ways you can be involved:

1. Contact with the foster family - this is for the person who either wants to be the team leader or member that can be the one to drop off meals/items and interact with the family in person. This requires a background check and to watch our 2 hour virtual training. 

2. No contact with the foster family - this is for the person who has been invited to be a part of a team, but will not be in contact with the family. For example, this can look like making a part of a meal, and taking it to the person who will be delivering it. Or could include contributing money towards purchasing an item needed, or helping collect donated items for a child/family.

If you would like to volunteer to be on a Care Team, please fill out the information on the next page & we will contact you. Thank you!


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