TWCA Turf Trade

Trade up. Dry out. Stay green.



Trade up to turfgrass that uses 40% less water while staying green all summer!

Salt Lake City (SLC) Public Utilities Water customers can trade their existing turfgrass with TWCA Qualified turf available through Salt Lake City Public Utility Water Conservation.

The program is simple:

Trade up.         Pre-order your TWCA Qualified Drought Tolerant turf seed here.  (You will receive a follow-up email guiding you through your pick-up process)

Dry out.            Install the TWCA qualified seed; either by fully replacing, or by overseeding into the existing lawn.

Stay green   Drought tolerant landscapes begin with the plants used.  Combining Water Efficient management and water efficient plants can reduce the water demand of landscapes by up to 50%.

This public-private partnership is designed to conserve water and preserve the functional beauty and natural brilliance of living turfgrass. Currently, landscape water use in the Salt Lake City area ranges between 29 and 35 inches of water per summer season.  To compare, Kentucky bluegrass, widely misconceived as being an exceptionally thirsty plant requires 24 to 25 inches.  

TWCA Qualified turf requires approximately 18 inches.

Successfully converting existing turf to TWCA Qualified turf will save up to 3.7 million gallons of water.  That is just the savings from this pilot project alone!  By participating in this project, you are making a positive change in your community and, by showing what is possible, you are affecting that change in communities around the world.  

The Center for Water Efficient Landscaping (CWEL) is creating educational content to help participants transition their turf to more water efficient turf cultivars!  Finally, to ensure landscapes are being watered effectively, participants can use the TWCA Irrigation Calculator to find their ideal runtime! 

Donating to TWCA allows the program to continue evaluating and identifying the most drought tolerant turfgrasses of each species.  Without donor support TWCA could not quantify the water use of turfgrasses in the managed environment and qualify them through our rigorous process.  

If the SLC Turf Trade program is sold out, TWCA Qualified drought tolerant turfgrass is still available from TWCA members in Utah. All TWCA Qualified drought tolerant turfgrasses provide benefits to the environment, no matter where you get it! 

TWCA members:

Be aware, though, these options are un-subsidized but are always available!

Look for the TWCA seal to make every drop count!


  • Turf Trade orders are available for pick-up 10 days after ordering.
  • All orders must include a valid SLCDPU account number. If an account number cannot be verified, the transaction will be cancelled and refunded less the non-refundable transaction fees.


SLC Turf Trade is back for 2024

May 09, 2024

Now is the time to reduce water use by up to 40% while keeping the functional turfgrass you love. Salt Lake City residential customers can order up to six bags at a time! Participants do have to be in the service area so make sure you have your water utility account number available.

Trade up. Dry out. Stay Green.

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