Help Youth Discover Themselves Outdoors!

Discovering Nature As Our Greatest Teacher, Healer, and Classroom.

The evidence that getting outdoors improves our health, healing, concentration, and mood is abundant. [*] We guide youth and adults to act upon this evidence by discovering Nature as our greatest teacher, healer, and classroom.

In addition to leading field trips, designing outdoor classrooms, and igniting integrative learning in schools, your donation will help us unite youth from different backgrounds at summer camps.

We know that health and education improve when we protect and respect the rights of children to clean water, air, and nurturing environments. It is time we create systems and policies that assure these fundamental rights to all children. In Baltimore City, InDiGO works on every level in concert with youth, teachers, school districts, government agencies, outdoor centers, and community organizations to help make the Baltimore Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights a reality.

We always care to remember that Nature is also within us. So we have created and curated a framework and methods for teaching children how they naturally learn best.

Let’s InDiGO.

Learn more about our work guiding youth and adults to access and develop their own inner power 

to learn, teach, heal, and unite by discovering Nature's wonders within and all around us.