Join North Brooklyn Coalition Against Family Violence and Children Law Center for our first-ever Survive to Thrive with your Children Panel hosted on Zoom on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.

This online Panel will provide a synthesis of how witnessing domestic violence impacts children's mental health and share impactful ideas on how you can support your child. Attorneys from The Children's Law Center and a therapist from North Brooklyn Coalition will spend one-hour-long to discussing in three sections how you can assist your child now.  Section one will discuss how witnessing domestic violence affects a child and how you can support it. Section two will focus on the steps to open a custody case for domestic violence survivors, and the last section will provide information on how your child can be assigned an attorney and explain the child's rights on what they legally are capable and are incapable to do. At the end of the Panel, we will hold a Q&A to answer parents' questions and share additional resources if needed.

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