Today's Future Sound Annual Fundraiser 2021

Meeting kids where they're at, on their headphones

On #GivingTuesdayNow, help Today's Future Sound survive in the time of COVID-19 to continue its mission of healing with beats.

At Today’s Future Sound, we understand that the power of music can change people’s lives. We believe that Hip Hop music and culture can be a powerful vehicle in addressing a lack of culturally responsive educational, therapeutic, and social interventions for underserved youth in both our local and global communities. Thankfully, music transcends physical limitations and with perseverance, we have been able to tackle the challenges of 2021 by implementing virtual models and remote workshops to sustain the important work we do with the youth of Oakland and beyond. This year, we continued to develop our working model but also innovated with the given circumstances of COVID-19.

Our beat making workshops exist to build trust, confidence, and community for all ages. 

The Therapeutic Beat Making model, or TBM for short, effectively integrates three dimensions that are key for helping support youth who have experienced stress or trauma. 

Firstly, we know that relationships are the number one predictor of positive therapeutic outcomes. With this knowledge, we have built a team of experienced teaching artists that are respected experts in their fields and act as musical mentors for the youth. 

Secondly, the expressive dimension allows students a positive and constructive way to articulate difficult feelings and release stress.

Lastly, students build self-confidence and a sense of competency AND agency through their mastery of music production.

A recent 2019 report by the World Health Organization showed that arts promote health and well-being, prevention of illness, and play a significant role in treatment and management of illness throughout the lifespan. Our model is grounded in most current neurophysiological and developmental research, and endorsed by the leading world experts in trauma and mental health.

We meet our students where they are - on their headphones.  With this, we are able fulfill a real need in primary and secondary schools, community and juvenile hall settings where we have pioneered such work. We work to provide resources and training to support music education in a way that resonates with the students. 

All of our programs aim to provide students with the unique opportunity to create original compositions, culminating in a final album and performances within their schools and communities.

In 2021 alone, our teaching artists have worked with over 3000 youth.

Our flagship program, Beats4Lunch brings music instructors into schools during lunch hour, providing small group and one-on-one instruction on beat making and music production.

Our FutureSounds Program is both an in and after-school beat making workshop that is available on school grounds and within the community, at community centers, concerts, and events. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have pioneered virtual online beat-making workshops for students. 

Our Therapeutic Beat Making Program has now been piloted at several school sites and is actively being utilized in juvenile detention programs, and online virtually. This year we have further expanded our virtual juvenile hall programs and partnered up with Rhythmic Mind to continue to serve at risk youth in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, we have also been using this model with formerly homeless youth and transitioning families. We are devoted to continuing to do our best to advocate for economically disadvantaged communities.

We also continue to work to provide a space for the adults and veteran members of the worldwide beat making and hip hop community.

At our weekly virtual event, the #GlobalBeatCypher, we showcase artists from around the world via livestream. It has been consistent since the start of quarantine, substituting for what would have otherwise been our monthly live community events. At the start of each week, TFS releases a free sample pack for the community to download and flip to make their own original beats. During the livestream held every Saturday, artists share the beats they’ve made from the pack or participate in special events like the beat battles. We also feature special guest appearances from notable artists in the community.

"Music has saved my life probably multiple times, and it's more than therapeutic for me, definitely. The power of music is incredible---I appreciate what you're doing and the community...this music has been my escape to get out of my mind and exist in the moment." - #GlobalBeatCypher participant

But don't take our word for it---hear it straight from the mouths of the beatmakers in our weekly #GlobalBeatCypher!'
Our goal for 2022 is to expand our Therapeutic Beat Making (TBM) model into more schools, community, and juvenile justice settings to reach more youth virtually and stay afloat.

Please help us continue to inspire the next generation through music by donating to our annual fundraiser.

Together we can bring the gift of making music to all.

The process of creating and performing music is focused on the culturally relevant use of music technology and media arts, including Common Core-aligned STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and Arts) curriculum development and therapeutic/socio-emotional applications. In addition, our curriculum provides a context for world geography, digital literacy, community service, multimedia job pathways, cultural diplomacy, cross-cultural collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

We have an array of thank you gifts for different donation levels, all designed by independent artists for Today’s Future Sound. Take a look below and check out our “Beats4Lunch” collection, the classic “I wish I had this when I was a kid” design, and more! We even have an instrumental beat tape compilation with exclusive tracks from our beat making family and volunteers from around the world for the $10 donation giving level.

Every donation matters, and we cannot offer these important programs without you! Won’t you join our community in transforming the lives of youth through power of Hip Hop culture and beat making? If you can’t contribute financially, there are still ways you can support---please consider sharing our campaign on social media, telling others about TFS, and join our mailing list!

Today's Future Sound has launched its annual fundraiser! Over the past year alone, Today's Future Sound has taught beat making/music production and DJ'ing more than 15,000 youth across the globe and more than 5,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area/Oakland.

This #GivingTuesday please make a donation.









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