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Get Girls Going holds events all year round for Black teen girls interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and social impact. Get Girls Going’s goal to empower Black teen girls to become social entrepreneurs is needed more than ever. Our virtual and in person events allow us to reach a wider audience by bringing entrepreneurship conversations to communities affected by both racial and gender inequalities. As a sponsor, you are helping us provide meaningful events that equip Black teen girls with the tools needed to develop viable solutions to problems they care about fixing. Most importantly, Black teen girls are looking for spaces where they can build a network and gain leadership skills. Thank you for your sponsorship and support!

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GGG Pitch Day Starting at $250.00

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GGG Pitch Night Starting at $300.00


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Name Jennifer Migliore
Activity Type Sponsorship, Mailing list
Amount $250.00
Date 01/19/24
Message What an incredible organization with an incredible leader!!!!!
Name Richard Juknavorian
Activity Type Sponsorship, Mailing list
Amount $500.00
Date 08/23/23
Name Hasan Ahmad
Activity Type Mailing list
Amount -
Date 11/16/22
Name Richard Juknavorian
Activity Type Sponsorship
Amount $500.00
Date 11/24/21
Message Meeting You Where You're At - Her Impact Series Sponsorship

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