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Dear Friends,


"Uncle Austin" here. I hope this letter finds you well and counting many blessings as you reflect on this past year. You are certainly included in my count, as someone connected with the place I hold most dear.


A great year is made by great days, the bright ones that buoy the others, that send us off to a more restful sleep with a fuller heart.


This year, I watched Hitchcock create some truly great days - too many to list, so I’ll let the snapshots on this card speak for themselves and highlight just one here:


October’s World Smile Day birthed a spontaneous parade of young ambassadors who took to the streets, armed with balloons, stickers, and joy to share. They stopped traffic, delighted passersby, and paid a visit to 94 year old next door neighbor Jim Adams who paused his yard work to share a smile and take a photo. Mr. Adams, if you don’t know him, is a long-time donor, former trustee, and one of few remaining alumni of the academy I founded which is now the community center you know today. Mr. Adams’ face lit up at this visit, and it most certainly made his day.


How was your year? Did Hitchcock make any of your days great? Did you attend an event, learn something new, make or nurture a connection? I would love to hear from you and welcome your correspondence. If you’re mailing out holiday cards or letters, don’t forget your Uncle Austin and my friends here at Hitchcock! We would love to receive your greetings.


And if you’re donating to any causes this year, could I ask you to include my beloved Hitchcock Academy to be among them. Your gift would certainly make the day of my dedicated team who aims to raise $10,000 with the help of many donors giving what they are able.


Wishing you a most wonderful holiday season and a delightful new year.



            Samuel “Uncle Austin” Hitchcock

         (With help from Cindy, Katy, Christina, Amy & John)

What Your Gift Will Accomplish

  • Your gift of $20 pays for our internet connection for a week

  • Your gift of $50 will keep the building warm for a day in the cold months

  • Your gift of $100 makes the building accessible at no fee to community groups like 4H and scouts

  • Your gift of $200 keeps the lights on for a month

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