Career Interview Recordings

For the Fall 2023 school year, we are excited to continue with our Career Recordings where our volunteers share their journey and advice with Montgomery County students. Professionals partake in pre-recorded professional interviews that will be shared with High Schools and on the EfTA Instagram Page as part of our Words of Wisdom Wednesday postsWhether students have a detailed plan for life or are still trying to figure out what happens after high school, the insights of volunteers in the workforce can prove valuable in helping encourage and shape tomorrow's leaders.

As a volunteer, you will be sent a list of 5 questions that we would like for you to answer in a recorded video. We ask that you record your video horizontally and that your answers be no longer than 1.5 minutes long for each question. 


Career Interview Recording Volunteers

If you are interested in being part of our recorded videos please fill out this registration form.

Corinne Coulter, EfTA Program Director will send you an email confirmation with your questions and recording details. 


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