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It is the season of giving and we need your support to sustain compassion in our communities. Compassionate service has always been at the heart of Mindful Littles. From our very first event assembling hygiene kits for foster youth back in 2016, to our most recent meal packing event with students in Paradise, California, we’ve stayed true to our mission to make compassion a habit, even in the most challenging of times. 


But our service experiences aren’t just about doing to help others. They’re also about feeling. When we practice compassion for ourselves, we can more fully feel compassion for others in a way that builds bridges and fosters connection. No matter our socio-economic status, our race or our religion, our politics or our gender identity, we are all part of one story – the story of humanity. 

While our programs are reaching many children and families, the demand for our services exceeds our current capacity. By supporting Mindful Littles today, you are providing resources for us to continue developing and delivering our service learning experiences in a way that is accessible and engaging for young minds and eager hearts.

At Mindful Littles, we’ve experienced the power of compassion to heal ourselves and others, to bridge communities, to uplift those most in need. And when we make compassion a habit, done with mindful intention, it can be the transformative force that changes our world. Together, we can build a more compassionate future. Please make a donation today!

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