25th Annual Tour de Stooges

Registration for the 25th Annual Tour de Stooges to be held on May 7, 2022 will open on January 1, 2022.

What? You're looking for beautiful scenery, great cookies, the best after-ride meal, and all the vidiot fun a stooge could want? Well, then don't be a knucklehead or a victim of soicumstance. You better not miss the 25th annual Tour de Stooges on Saturday, May 7, 2022, in Lebanon, Illinois (See the About the Ride page for a map of Lebanon). Miss it, and I'll moiderize youse!

The rolling countryside has great scenery, picturesque farms, fields of wildflowers on lightly traveled country lanes. If the eather cooperates, we are planning for new routes that integrate the recently upgraded Trestle Trail on the southeast corner of Lebanon. Plus, our ride features the best rest stop treats around. Yes, our Missouri friends might need to drive a little, but the trip down Interstates 70 or 64 is about the same as traveling from downtown to West County. Plus, the trip is worth it and we promise a ride to remember. After you ride, there's an all-you-can eat hot meal (pending COVID19 restrictions) with lots of variety, including pizza, salads, soups, hot plates, sandwiches, etc. served in Ames Dining Hall at McKendree University.

We're continuing the Moe Metric Century and the full 100-mile route — the Roger Kramer Memorial Century named after the founder of Tour de Stooges. There's a short 9 mile route, too, and four other intermediate routes ranging from 16 to 47 miles for your velocipedic pleasure — something for everyone, and family-friendly, too. After the ride, we spread out, eat and watch Three Stooges shorts until the cows come home. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.


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Reminder - 2022 TdS survey

May 18, 2022

If you have not yet completed the 2022 Tour de Stooges survey please do so by Saturday, May 21. Your responses are very important in helping us to continue improving the ride experience. If you would like the final results of the questionnaire shared with you, please email [email protected]

Tour de Stooges Post-ride Survey

Thanks again and we hope to see you on May 6, 2023 for the 26th Annual TdS!

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