Fibroid Summit 2022

Hosted by Patients, Presented by Physicians.

Save the Date: February 8 - 9, 2022!

Hosted in partnership with The Fibroid Foundation & The Campion Fund, this event is free, virtual, and open to all. Registrations are REQUIRED.⁠ This two-day event provides an opportunity for community members to ask #uterinefibroid experts all the questions & for clinicians to hear the patient perspective. In addition, the most recent fibroid research will be presented & viewers will have an opportunity to dialogue with the presenters. ⁠


When: Tuesday, Feb. 8 - Wednesday, Feb. 9

Time: Noon ET Start-Time


Phyllis Leppert, MD, PhD

Sateria Venable

Kevin Hellman, PhD

Minerva Orellana, M.S.

James Segars, MD

James Spies, MD, MPH

Andrea Tinelli, MD, Prof, PhD


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