Sponsor$chip Programs

Sponsoring with Mentor$chip is a Commitment that Generates Unique Augmented Reality Scholar$chip Campaigns Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annually for up to 1 YEAR

What you will receive:

  • Branded Augmented Reality (AR) Discovery Token
  • Spotlight feature and acknowledgment on our webpage
  • Company/Organization highlight on our social media channels
  • Continuous Promotion of your newly curated Scholar$chip on our social media channels
  • Name/Brand/Logo placement on Scholar$chip Summary Card with an optional website hyperlink
  • Drive foot traffic to your registered place of business with your Branded AR Geo-Location Token Marker
  • Branded Scholar$chip Summary Card to be included in the printed School Distribution Card Packs (coming soon)

What we do for you:

  • Onboard New Students Seekers to Discover your Scholar$cihp 
  • Advertise your Scholar$chip Campaign directly to Student Seekers
  • Promote your uniquely curated Scholar$chip in underrepresented communities
  • Send you the Matching criteria and Scholar$chip responses of student applicants
  • Disperse funds to the student awardees that you select to receive your Scholar$chip reward

Our app will help you:

  • Easily select your Scholar$chip's Eligibilities, Qualifications, Institution Types, and Enrollment Plans that will match with Students' Seeker Profiles
  • Easily control the number of submissions you'd like to review and the number of awards you would like to grant during each Campaign
  • Easily select the Discovery Criteria, Response Criteria, Award Amounts, and Deadlines for each Scholar$chip Campaign period
  • Easily view each Applicants Profile, Required Response(s), Discovery Details, and Student Statistics
  • Easily Approve and/or Reject Student Submissions with commentary
  • Easily Follow-up and Progress-check your Student Awardees
  • Easily Impact Student Communities and Motivate Success

What you need to do:

  • Select to Pledge a Scholar$chip to fund at least 10 students - ($100 Award per Student = $1,000 Minimum)
  • Select your Scholar$chip Campaign Distribution & Duration - (Location Activation and Campaign Charges  = $5 / Geo-Location  + $5 / Campaign Day)

100% of your Scholar$chip Pledge remains with your contributor account until awarded to designated students seekers.

Pledged Scholar$chips will be reactivated at no cost if not enough students discover your opportunity before your timeframe ends.

All benefits received will automatically expire at the end of your campaign's pledge distribution duration but can be easily renewed.

Select Your Campaign & Location Options

1. Select a Pledge Amount

2. Select a Campaign

3. Follow "Next Steps" Email After Checkout

Pledge Requirement

Minimum $1,000 Scholar$chip Pledge to fund at least 10 students. When curating your Scholar$chip you may also set how many applications you'll be accepting and how many student awardees to fund per review period. Each additional day creates greater opportunities for more students seekers to discover your Scholar$chip(s). Multiple locations allow for your Scholar$chip to reach students directly in the communities they live and visit.

Max Per Order:30


Your Scholar$chip will be active for 1 MONTH (30 days) at 5 geolocations in the zip code(s) of your choosing.

Max Per Order:1


Your Scholar$chip will be active for 1 QUARTER (90 days) and will be distributed at 10 geolocations in the zip code(s) of your choosing.

Max Per Order:1


Your Scholar$chip will be active for 1 YEAR (365 days) and will be distributed at 25 geolocations in the zip code(s) of your choosing.

0 Reserved
Max Per Order:1


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