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Help support our work in 2022 and beyond!Thank you for giving generously and supporting the Awesöme!

How did it feel to go to your first concert since the pandemic started? If the answer to the question is “amazing,” then help support us for our comeback 2022 season! Awesöme Orchestra Collective has weathered the lockdown and subsequent continuation of the pandemic. As concert life in the Bay Area continues to ramp up, AÖC is proud to continue creating open and free sessions for any musician who wants to join and any listener who wants to lend us an ear. Become an Awesöme Supporter!

This year, we have raised our fundraising goal because of the generous support of large and small donors alike paired with the consistency of leadership from both staff and ambassadors. It costs a lot to be free, and 56% of our income comes from individual donors like you, giving small and large donations to support our vision: creating an orchestra that serves and represents our community.

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