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KAMBARA + DANCERS bridges art and audience through contemporary dance. Choreographer Yayoi Kambara focuses her work on diverse cultural, economic and ethnic differences, creating a space for empathy and dialogue.

For our inaugural home season, January 19 and 20 at ODC Theater, I am premiering IKKAI: Once (ikkai is Japanese for “once” or “first floor”), a piece about the Japanese American internment. I became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2011 and as a Japanese-American immigrant, I feel an urgency to share the stories of the Japanese internment, particularly now with President Trump’s executive order to ban travel from predominantly Muslim countries and the deportation of our immigrants who make up the heart and soul of our country.

This concert will also include the performance installation of on Trust, Near and Dear, and the new women’s trio commissioned from Dance Brigade and Dance Mission Theater entitled to.get.her.   

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Photo by Rj Muna