2017 Bowling With Friends





The Friends of the Children Ambassador Board is hosting our 5th annual Bowling With Friends fundraiser on Saturday, April 22, and our goal this year is to raise $50,000. Be a part of generational change by supporting Friends. Join us for bowling, make a donation, or do BOTH!


DONATE Give money to support Friends of the Children through Bowling With Friends

REGISTER TO BOWL Buy your ticket here to secure a spot at the Bowling event April 22nd

FUNDRAISE Become a Fundraiser and/or start a Team

The children you are supporting are those who face the highest risks of poor outcomes, including school dropout, early parenting and criminal activity. Most live in poverty, move frequently and have experienced trauma. Of the youth enrolled in the Seattle chapter:

97% qualify for free and reduced lunch

55% have a parent who has been incarcerated

98% were born to a mother who was a teen parent

51% have lived with someone other than their parents


How would you like to support?


Recent Activity

  • Jennifer Lapensee - Register & Mailing list - $400.00 - Mar 25, 2017 - for "Support the Friends Staff Team!" by Elena Lynch(Friends Staff!).

  • Annalise Servin - Register & Mailing list - $60.00 - Mar 24, 2017 - for "Support Friends of the Children" by Katie Weiss.

  • Katie & Andrew Cramer - Gift - $50.00 - Mar 24, 2017 - for "Let's make an impact!" by Karin Zimmer.

    Go Karin!

  • samantha vo - Gift - Mar 23, 2017 - for "Elevating FOTC's Mission and Supporting the Cause" by Jun Pak.

  • Meagan Golec - Gift & Mailing list - $5.00 - Mar 23, 2017 - for "Let's make an impact!" by Karin Zimmer.

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