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Support our 2022-2023 programing VANTAGE & Pathways to Recovery

VANTAGE is a year- long project incorporating dance-for-the-camera, site-specific choreography, and live panel discussions from four distinct racial viewpoints (Asian American, African American, Latinx and European Caucasian) to build a Peninsula-based minority-led coalition. The ongoing COVID pandemic and increasing anti-Asian American xenophobia have emboldened ZiRu’s mission and reinvigorated our collaborative work between BIPOC artists and our community. ZiRu Dance will produce “Vantage” with Artistic Director Philein Wang as the director and lead artist.

"Pathways to Recovery" is a collaboration with One Life Counseling, engaging PTSD patients in movement therapy classes to conduct research and choreograph a new body of work exploring PTSD and the pathways to recovery from the disorder. Working alongside One Life Counseling, ZiRu will offer and lead movement classes tailored to individuals suffering from PTSD, both as a result of COVID-19 and more broadly. Over several months, these classes will serve as a source of movement exploration, verbal conversation, and interaction between patients and therapists at One Life and ZiRu. Through these classes, choreographic material will be created to form a full-length work.

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