Give Rides Live Webinar

You’re invited to a special live call on Thursday, March 10th at 8:00am featuring a
survivor who will be sharing her story of how Give Rides was pivotal in her journey toward healing
and self-sufficiency. Also, you’ll hear real-time updates from founder, Jon Lewis about the organization
and what’s ahead this year!

On this call, you’ll hear stories of impact like *Amanda’s story below:
Amanda and her 2 children left a domestic violence situation fearing for their lives.  They left with
nothing but the clothes on their backs and had to completely start all over.  Through the support of HOPE,
Inc., she now has an apartment of her own, a good job, and is going to school to get into a radiology
program.   Receiving a car has helped her to stay on the path of safety and self-sufficiency for herself and her
children. She can now get to and from work, childcare, and simple things like the grocery store. She said
having a car helps her sleep a little better each night knowing she can be there for her kids and create a
safe place for them.  

Please check back soon!


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