Open Connections Open House

Ever wonder how a supportive community and access to 28 acres of an old farm, with plenty of land for exploring, playing, learning, and making life-long connections could transform your family's educational journey?

At Open Connections we empower young people to create the life they want, full of purpose and fulfillment.

We do this by offering programs that nurture Intrapersonal (I), Interpersonal (We), and Impersonal (It) skills through a variety of activities. When people leave Open Connections we hope that they are knowledgeable and confident in who they are; able to communicate their needs and wishes, and hear the needs and wishes of others, in a respectful and effective way; and prepared to tackle life’s challenges and opportunities using both creative and critical thinking skills. If this resonates with you, please consider joining us for our Open House!

Want to read a little more first, visit our website! We look forward to connecting with you.

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