Faith and Finance

A financial ministry that meets you where you are

Let’s face it: when someone is struggling to make ends meet, advice on retirement accounts and mortgages just isn’t relevant.

Join us Tuesdays from 5-7 pm at Lebanon County Christian Ministries for a 12-week financial course called Faith & Finance starting Tuesday, April 12. Total cost is $10 (to cover the cost of the participant guide) and dinner will be provided.

Contact Andrea Gillhoolley at [email protected] or call her at 717 272 4400 x 211 to reserve your spot in the class today or to get more information.

Here's what sets Faith + Finance apart:

??Addresses financial challenges of life near the poverty line
(For example: getting banked, avoiding predatory lenders, saving for emergencies)
??Takes an interactive, relational approach to learning in a secure, affirming environment
??Appeals to many learning styles and education levels
??Deep biblical integration
??End goal is Christ-centered flourishing

You will learn:
  • How to create a basic budget
  • How to set savings goals
  • How to overcome financial obstacles
  • How to avoid debt and know your credit score
  • How to open and use a bank account
  • How to prepare for emergencies
  • How to stick to new money habits
  • How to save money by living simply
  • How to include joyful giving in your budget
  • When to borrow money in healthy ways

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