Aaron's Presents Summer CAMPaign 2022

Our positive relationships with our mentees and their families have made it possible for our youth to access and engage camps and experiences that most would not know about or know how to participate in, without our hands-on support and help with registration, rides, and other logistics. All of this year's participants live in the underserved cities of Lowell, Lawrence and Lynn, MA.

Hear our 11th grader Tabitha talk about her experience with Hurricane Island Outward Bound and why she wants to go back this summer!

Previous Summer Camps:

In the summer of 2019, thanks to valued donors and sponsors, AP sent 70 of its alumni to summer camps and programs at institutions such as Phillips Academy and Agassiz Village that support their personal development. In 2021, AP sent 54 kids to summer camp despite the pandemic limitations. Some youth also had the opportunity to attend virtual summer programs, such as Yale Youth Global Scholars.


Summer 2022 Goals:

Our current fundraiser aims to send 70 AP kids to summer camps this summer. The fundraiser will consist of a week-long social media campaign from April 23rd to April 30th. The target goal for the Summer Campaign is $10K in order to fund supplies, tuition co-pays, and transportation. Since most of these youth have never been away from home or gone camping, it is important that they have the items on the packing list in order to be fully prepared and have the best possible camp experience.

Thank you for any support you can give our youth to continue developing themselves, especially after the pandemic! We can only imagine how rejuvenated they will feel after being in nature and off technology, making new connections and memories.

Have a wonderful spring and summer and please feel free to get in touch with any ideas or questions!

Leah Okimoto

Executive Director