3 Rivers Watch 2022 Summer Trainings

The 3 Rivers Watch is a network of volunteers who are active river users or river watchers, from individuals to groups, who have a vested interest in clean water. You can monitor the water while you are boating, kayaking, swimming, or even walking along the river. If you are passionate about creating drinkable, fishable, and swimmable waters, then you might be a great fit for our 3 RIVERS WATCH program. 

Join Three Rivers Waterkeeper for a morning of kayaking or easy hiking with an in-person training session where we go over what pollution to look for and how to report pollution while you're out by or on the water!  Prior to attending an in-person training session, it is recommended but not required that you watch our training videos and complete a short quiz to receive a certification from us! You can receive more information about this by checking out our 3Rivers Watch Program

Upcoming Sessions: 

Saturday, June 4th 3Rivers Watch @ Kilbuck Deer Launch (kayaking); 9 am - 11am

Saturday, July 9th 3Rviers Watch @ Nine Mile Run (hiking); 9am - 11am 

Saturday, August 6th 3Rivers Watch @ Deer Creek Boat Launch (kayaking); 9am - 11am

Please check back soon!


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