Deck Log Requests

Effective immediately we have changed the rules in regards to servicing requests from an Attorney, Veterans Service Officer or Veterans Service Organization for Deck Logs, Dead Reckoning Services, or other documentation that shows a ship was within the Territorial Seas. We will now be charging for this service.  We will only be providing one (1) day of Deck Logs. The cost to fill a Deck Log Request will be $50 for the Deck Log (option above) and a charge of $50 an hour for doing the Dead Reckoning with a minimum of one (1) hour charge (will be billed separately).   We will provide the pages mostly from the National Archives or Combat Naval Gunfire Support File (CONGA), a plotted Chart for the Deck Log, and a certification letter from Military-Veterans Advocacy®. Information provided including but not limited to the plotting and certification shall be considered proprietary and may not be shared without the written permission of Military-Veterans Advocacy®.

If you are a dues paying MVA member, you do not need to submit an order on this page. Please just visit this page to submit your request.