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Building Lives of Self-Sufficiency in Order to Break the Cycle of Poverty

Join now!  Choose an amount that makes for a comfortable monthly donation.  As a token of our appreciation, we will send you a small gift to showcase to others your commitment to ending homelessness.  Together, we can build a future for women and children to break the cycle of poverty!

Laborer – $1-$10 per month

Receive a YSP key chain as a symbol of the doors you are opening for others.

Carpenter – $11-$24 per month

Receive a YSP decorative hammer as a symbol of your commitment to building a brighter future for others.

Foreman – $25-$49 per month

Receive a YSP cooler bag as a symbol of the food and security you provide.

Manager – $50-$74 per month

Receive a YSP fleece jacket as a symbol of your leadership and commitment to the families you serve.

Architect – $75+ per month

Receive a YSP commemorative blueprint (and fleece jacket!) as a symbol of the change you create.

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