The Jason Co Thein Presents Fund

Jason Co Thein brought joy and happiness to the world the minute he was born on January 28, 1977, and he continued to do that for the next 44 years of his life. Bigger than life, generous to a fault, and kind in every way you can imagine, he touched the lives of so many and left a lasting impression of unconditional love and laughter. Jason was diagnosed with hepatic cancer in July of 2021, and he dealt with the news in his typical courageous and optimistic way. Never complaining once, he made sure to reassure and comfort his loved ones during this time even though he was the one sick. He left us in December of 2021, and though we miss him tremendously, his legacy continues to live on through his family and friends.

We'd like to extend this legacy outside of this circle to others through The Jason Co Thein Presents Fund. A kid at heart, Jason believed in the power of innovation and creativity and was always thinking of starting fun projects to make life easier and more efficient for others.  Whether it was a weighted phone cord holder or a pie-shaped habit and goal tracker called "Target Practice," his wheels were always turning and he pursued each project with a child-like innocence and ingenuity. This, coupled with his love for children (and children for him), makes this memorial fund through Aaron's Presents the perfect way to honor Jason and ensure his spirit lives on and continues to inspire.

100% of this fund will go toward supporting Aaron's Presents youth and their project ideas that benefit others in their communities and beyond. Aaron's Presents will post photos of the projects funded by The Jason Co Thein Presents Fund so that you can learn more about the kids being empowered by Jason's life and using his inspiration to make a positive difference in the world. This fund has no minimum contributions or end date and will just continue to grow over time. An average project involves 3 kids ages 9-14, impacts 26 people or animals, and costs $250, so we have an opportunity to touch many people through this special fund.

Thank you for your support! We believe that Jason would be ecstatic to know that he is helping kids implement and live out their dreams and in doing so, living out his own :)!

With love,

The Thein Family & Liz Lim

------------From Aaron's Presents-------------

Leah Okimoto, Founder & Executive Director, who has known and loved Jason and his family for over 25 years:

Jason would have been such an ideal mentor for Aaron's Presents. The way he loved kids and truly believed in the goodness and potential of each child without exception, and the way he allowed them to freely and joyfully express their natural selves and innate gifts is exactly aligned with how we work with our youth participants. We know without a doubt that if he lived in MA, we would've roped him into becoming an AP Mentor! He was always so proud of every child who was lucky enough to know him and he was their biggest cheerleader. It is difficult not to feel disheartened and lost when our best human beings leave us way too early. Jason's life and childlike energy will provide even greater inspiration for us to keep doing what we do and raising up more Jasons who care about others, live to make other people smile and laugh, and love with their whole hearts. Many kids do these things naturally when they are young, but we need to make sure more of them follow Jason's example of not forgetting as they get older that these are our true purpose in life.

Aaron’s Presents is a registered 501(c)(3) youth development organization that is helping kids find purpose and meaning by having an early encounter with using their unique gifts to impact others’ lives. Kids in 8th grade and below can propose and carry out any idea as long as it has a positive impact on at least one other person, animal or the environment. It’s up to them to join, and they direct the entire process working with our Mentors. Most of our youth live in Lawrence and Lowell, 2 cities north of Boston, MA where the opportunity gap is severe. We believe that every young person has a critical role to play in helping their communities grieve, heal and achieve greater equity now and for future generations, and they need to be empowered and equipped to do so as early as possible.

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Name Schneider-Okimoto Family
Activity Type Gift(Recurring)
Amount $100.00
Date 02/23/24
Name Schneider-Okimoto Family
Activity Type Gift(Recurring)
Amount $100.00
Date 01/23/24
Name Schneider-Okimoto Family
Activity Type Gift(Recurring)
Amount $100.00
Date 12/23/23
Name Darlene Lin
Activity Type Gift
Amount $250.00
Date 11/29/23
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Amount $100.00
Date 11/23/23

Progress Adjustments

4/28/23: Dr. Jocelyn Thein and Albert Chang - $4088 - May. 08, 2023
Sept 2022: Anonymous, funding mental health support groups for AP teens/young adults - $3000 - May. 08, 2023
1/25/23: Drs. Richard and Cora Thein - $1000 - May. 07, 2023



The Jason Co Thein Presents Fund update

May 08, 2023


I hope this finds you well!

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to create a living legacy in honor of Jason's beautiful life that touched us all deeply and continues to do so. Together, this fund has raised almost $24k and has made so many meaningful experiences possible for many many kids and teens in our area, primarily in the cities of Lawrence and Lowell, two gateway cities in MA with the highest poverty rates.

We have had almost 500 kids choose on their own to join Aaron's Presents this year, our highest number ever, and they have done 375 projects this year, impacting an estimated 4,400 people and animals!

With your support, we have also been able to try out some new things for our older Alumni--2 support groups, one in each city, which have given teens and young adults an opportunity to gather over a meal to have meaningful conversations about topics on their minds on a weekly basis, as well as bond through fun outings together. I know that they have found this time extremely valuable and uplifting, and have given them new perspectives and renewed motivation to pursue their future goals with more hope and confidence.

I personally feel Jason's presence with me everyday, as I know his childlike, optimistic, joyful, loving, fun and free spirit would have been the perfect fit with the spirits and personalities of our youth. He would have been much more fun than I am! I'm thankful to have a way to feel connected with him as well as Aaron, and I know they're both making connections for us here from behind the scenes.

As we come up on our 10th Anniversary Celebration, which Jason's family is supporting as Lead Sponsors, I've been reflecting on how this work has helped bring healing and joy to our family over the past 10 years. I hope that seeing the impact that you have had on many young people through Jason's life can heal a part of your heart as well.

Here are some pictures that I thought you might enjoy.

Thank you for your love and generosity in trusting AP with this special fund. Have a wonderful week,


[email protected]


Wed support group in Lowell at an art space called CNCPT6 for AP teens:

Support group in Lawrence, MA for AP teen girls:

10th Anniversary Celebration information: