Alternative to Opiates Project

Thank you for donating to the Medical Cannabis as an Alternative to Opiates Study and Educational Project at the CCOE. We have a goal to raise $100,000 to conduct research and develop educational programs that look to address the evidence-based use of cannabis as an alternative to opiates and other un-wanted prescription medications. 

From 2018 to 2022, in CCOE studies, we found that between 50-76% of all respondents use medical cannabis as an alternative to opiates, alcohol, tobacco, and other un-wanted prescription medications. There is the rationale and evidence in the peer-reviewed literature that suggests cannabis has the potential to be a safe, non-lethal, harm reduction alternative. 

The CCOE is taking those research findings to the next stage, with the goal of fundraising $100,000 to conduct a research study and develop educational materials to help patients, family members, those in recovery, and more to have access to evidence-based education programs about medical cannabis as an alternative. Thank you for supporting this work! 

The CCOE will host an event in September 2023 to celebrate five years of operation and conducting seven cannabis research studies. Stay tuned for event details and how you can get involved! 

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