Mighty Madison

The Mighty Madison DIPG Research & Awareness Fund 

Madison was diagnosed with DIPG on April 1, 2019. In an effort to treat this cancer she had 30 rounds of radiation therapy and also took part in a T-cell clinical trial in DC in August 2019. Ten days after receiving her 40 million T-cells, Madison had a hard time breathing. This led to her being intubated and then needing a tracheostomy in September 2019. Madison stopped moving in October 2019, even though her tumor showed no progression. Madison carried on and remained "stable" through the pandemic until July 27, 2020 when her MRI showed tumor progression. This led to needing a second round of radiation. On the second day of the second round of her radiation therapy, Madison fell asleep. She remained in this comatose state for over one year.  On December 2, 2021, Madison left her family and friends to become an angel and they will NEVER let her be forgotten. We will fight in Mighty Madison's name until a cure is found for DIPG. 


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