Encouraging climate activism through diverse art expressions.

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When we engage with art, we give ourselves time to check in. Artists can take complex, multifaceted, and ephemeral experiences and make them concrete. A single work can give us a specific place to start a conversation where we can engage our emotions, our sense of logic, our sense of illogic, our beliefs, our sense of self, and our sense of that which is external. Because of all of these reasons, we believe art is an extremely important key to understanding and communicating about the climate movement. 

Join the Climate Gallery as a supporter as we explore Artivism in our movement.

Together, we are building a virtual reality exhibit and speaker series to start having complex conversions with some of the people who see the world in unique and thought-provoking ways.   

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Meet Our Team!

February 24, 2022

This team is working to make the Climate Gallery a meaningful experience that supports artists, contributes to climate action via micro-grants, and increases education through the speaker series. Do you want to the team? Volunteer with us!

Program Director
Logan Evasco
I am a graphic designer and director of Climate Creative. I believe that everyone is creative when given the opportunity and support and that creativity is a valuable resource to inject in all sectors of the climate movement.

Project Manager

Mira Musank
I am a dedicated garment refashioner and  textile waste upcycler. I love finding more sustainable ways to reduce, reuse, repurpose preowned materials and collaborate with globally diverse multidisciplinary artists.

VR Designer

Siobhan Keegan
I am a keen visual designer and illustrator. I am passionate about exploring design’s unique forms of communication and problem-solving, particularly within brand, graphic and VR design.

Artist Manager

Rina Ellingham
I am passionate about encouraging people to acknowledge and take action for the climate crisis through visual arts projects. I have produced HYPE FREE WATER, the experimental art advertisement collective founded by KOM-I and Minori Murata.

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