FUTURES High School Sponsorship Program

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Crossing Thresholds began its mission with a focus on primary education.  As our students and schools have matured, our focus has expanded to include sending our graduating 8th graders to high school.  We are raising funds to send another 60 graduating 8th graders to high school (academic year beginning January 2023) and to fund those who are already enrolled.    

In the Kibera Slum, more than 50% of high school eligible students do not enter high school.  Quite simply, parents cannot afford it.  School fees alone are approximately $500 a year.  Additional expenses (school uniform, school supplies, feeding program, etc.) are another $500.

Please help us to sponsor as many high school eligible students as possible.  A gift of $500 covers school fees for one year, while a gift of $1,000 covers all expenses for a year.  Thank you for your partnership and generosity. 

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