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We at Autism Society New Mexico are happy to announce The Ellen Reavis Race for Autism is back on April 15, 2023! This all began in 2008 in honor of a very special advocate, occupational therapist, Ellen Reavis, to bring Autism Acceptance to the state of New Mexico. She had a heart of gold and was a fierce advocate for the Autism community. This year we are partnering with Alta Mira Specialized Family Services to bring you KiteFest in addition to the race as “Everyone Deserves a Chance to Fly” in our community!

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability and affects 1:44 children. Young and old, boys AND girls, families, communities, and cities throughout New Mexico, it affects us all. You can make a difference, and together we can make a BIGGER difference in the lives of Autistic individuals and their families here in New Mexico.

On April 15, 2022, Autism Society New Mexico will host the Annual Ellen Reavis Race for Autism at Balloon Fiesta Park. In addition to the goodwill your company will generate, your company will interface with a highly targeted advertising platform. Your sponsorship will include your company name and logo on all race related marketing materials, including race day shirts worn by participants, social media shout outs, website, and race day signage.

Most importantly, your sponsorship will help us continue to fulfill our mission to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully. For over 40 years Autism Society New Mexico has supported families and Autistic individuals. We provide support groups, educational materials, workshops, lecture series, social events and have an excellent referral system that is beneficial to the Autism community in New Mexico. Every dollar raised by our organization stays here in New Mexico.

Just as the prevalence numbers of Autism increase, so do the needs of the Autism community in New Mexico. As a grassroots Autism organization, we recognize that we cannot do it alone. We appreciate your consideration of being a special part of the Autism community. A community of acceptance, support, and connection.




Christina Angel

Executive Director



Thank you from Autism Society New Mexico

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