The NY Race Track Chaplaincy, with your help, provides backpacks filled with the specific supplies needed, for hundreds of students of the backstretch communities of Belmont, Aqueduct, and Saratoga.
During the backpack distribution we also provide free first day of school haircuts, distribute free clothing, and even provide ice cream for everyone in order to provide a fun, relaxing, and festive atmosphere for the students and their families as they prepare for the first day of school.
This year for the first time we would like to provide a new pair of sneakers for each of our students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.  As we all know the price of preparing for school has increased significantly and a pair of new sneakers is not a feasible purchase for our families.

You may help us to obtain this goal by contributing toward the purchase of sneakers.

If you would like to purchase sneakers and donate them you may do so as well. 

Drop-off Instructions:
Boys or Girls Sneakers
Children's sizes 11 - 13, and youth sizes 1 - 8

NY Race Track Chaplaincy Trailer
Gate 6
Belmont Park
Monday - Friday 10 -4 

The deadline for the drop-off of sneakers is Monday, August 22nd. 

Thank you for blessing the families of the backstretch community!


Recent Activity

Name Jose Ortiz
Activity Type Level
Amount $2,000.00
Date 08/26/22
Name Yennifer Hernandez
Activity Type Mailing list
Amount -
Date 08/21/22
Name Anonymous
Activity Type Level, Mailing list
Amount $40.00
Date 08/20/22
Name Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging of MD
Activity Type Level, Mailing list
Amount $1,000.00
Date 08/12/22
Message May all the children have a great school year! Thanks to the Chaplaincy of America for supporting the backstretch employees and family.
Name Megan Murphy
Activity Type Donate
Amount $200.00
Date 07/22/22
Message The sneaker collection is a fabulous idea.

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