Manda Shivanga Camp

In support of the health and education of Malava Women & Children

It is the mission of The Global Foundation for Education and Economic Mobility (GFEEM) to support the sustained growth of Black communities in the U.S and Africa through the creation of positive education and economic outcomes for women and children.

Donations made will be used to provide:

  • Over-the-Counter drugs for sick women and children
  • Medical Education Posters and Flyers for young girls and mothers
  • Donated durable medical equipment for patients
  • Personal hygiene items (sanitary napkins, tampons, soap, and detergent) for girls at middle and high school aged girls attending Malava constituency schools. 
  • are used to ensure effective operational support and sustainability of direct services, products, and programs that specifically benefit women and children. 
  • Small stipends to the medical volunteers and community organizers who provide support to women and children, 

In July 2022, GFEEM hosted four American professionals to launch the Manda Shivanga Medical camp, under the leadership of local leader and resident, Tony Kwalanda. The 1-day social impact volunteer event reached over 250 local children, women and elders who arrived at the Nagamara Dispensary (Clinic) to receive immediate care and OTC medications, donated by GFEEM.  Please make a donation today in support of our long-term commitment to this community and their brilliant female students. Every dollar makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!

We learned that the women of the community depend on this under-resourced clinic to birth children and to receive most disease prevention and maintenance counseling. The staff receive little to no salary or support from the Government, and rely on local volunteers to operate. Patients pay nothing to receive services. 

The Cohort visited with the Principal and teachers of an all-girlS High School, St. Monica Girls Schools.  We learned that the girls come from homes where their parents cannot afford the $350USD /semester school fees required to attend public school, so many of the girls stay home when their parents cannot pay. We also learned that the girls do not have access to any personal hygiene items and stay home during their menstrual cycle.

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