Summer 2022 Backpack Drive

Dear Project Readiness Supporters,


Buckle up for what is sure to be our most successful Backpack Drive to date! Project Readiness's list of referring organizations and schools has grown, and we're proud to be supplying fully-stocked backpacks to students identified to us by:



Head Start of Morris County

CASA of Essex County

Family Promise of Morris County

Homeless Solutions

Caring Partners of Morris Sussex

Frelinghuysen Middle School in Morristown

East Side High in Newark


Project Readiness supplied a backpack full of age-appropriate school supplies to nearly 1,000 New Jersey students in need during 2021, and we're hoping to exceed that this year.


How can you help? We're glad you asked!


If you would like to participate, there are three ways to do it:


1) You can email us at [email protected], and request to be matched with one or more students for whom you can shop. This is the most fun, hands-on way to participate with Project Readiness! You can specify the age range and/or gender of the student(s) for whom you would like to shop, and we will supply you with a list of their age appropriate supplies. You can drop off your completed backpack with us once it's done!


2) Not into shopping? We're happy to do it for you! We accept tax-deductible, monetary donations, and every dollar helps us get to our goal of helping every student who needs us!  Just click the "Make a Donation" button here!


3) Finally, if you think that your workplace or congregation would like to sponsor a backpack-stuffing event or drive to benefit Project Readiness students, we can help you from inception all the way through execution.  These events are fantastic for team building!


Questions??  You can reach Annie and me at a shared phone number for the very first time this year: 646-854-5735.  We also both monitor the [email protected] email inbox, so that's a great way to reach us as well.


We can't wait to get started on what's sure to be our best summer yet!  A student adequately prepared for the upcoming school year is a student with increased confidence, and better prospects for academic success.  By supporting these students, you send them an unequivocal message that you believe in their potential!


See you soon!

Jen and Annie

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