At Sustainable Seattle we center solutions initiated by Seattle’s Frontline Communities who are taking action to address long-standing systemic failures, and who are transforming our city’s infrastructure, policies, and culture to establish long-term sustainability initiatives effectively and equitably serving our region. 

When you support Sustainable Seattle as a fundraiser or donor, you're supporting: 

Interweave Capacity and Co-Design

Interweave consist of 25+ community-led organizations in our sustainability accelerator program, weaving together collective impact and capacity building frameworks for lasting, systems-level sustainability action.

Soil Health & Justice Participatory Research

An intersecting area of work between Black Star Farmers, Basilica Bio, and DVSA (all Interweave members) resulted in the establishment of a Soil Health & Justice Coalition, which the groups have asked S2 to convene and administer, with the involvement and support of our board member Dr. Melanie Malone. The project involves a community-led research initiative addressing legacy issues of soil contamination in community and household farms and gardens, especially in communities of color where folks are seeking to find ways to sustainably produce their own, culturally appropriate food sources.

The seeds of change sowed by our community have taken root:

With our partners: DVSA, Circular Pacific NW, Blue Daisi Consulting, Black Star Farmers, and Food Lifeline we are building a zero-waste bioenergy platform to convert organic waste into probiotic plant food for local farms to feed families while providing biofuel for hyper-local transportation.

The City's Human Services Department recognized our call to action around climate anxiety, intergenerational trauma, the stress of political and socioeconomic pressures and asked us to create trauma-informed and healing-centered frameworks for Interweave peers and sector colleagues. With our Board Member Jasleena Grewal PMHNP and community leader Shelagh Brown, MS, MA, we were able to offer Healing-Centered training to our Interweave peers, and industry partners free of charge. We know this work is a practice and takes continual effort, and healing happens through community.

S2 is yours. Since 1991, local community members have gathered to align, amplify, and activate a more sustainable Seattle, you will fundraise with us for a sustainable, equitable and thriving Seattle?

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