The distance is coast to coast.

Yes, that's right, Bean're and friend Tim Ford will be riding from Daytona Beach Florida ( the day after Bike Week) to San Diego, California. a back road distance of 3000 miles....on stock Yamaha 50cc bikes ! They will be doing this unassisted. No chase vehicle just the open road and will power. It will take 3 weeks to accomplish this ! This will be a new Guinness world record.

." First of all, we decided ( Tim Ford and myself) that since we were doing it unassisted and don't have room on our mini bikes to carry hardly anything, including clothes, we would just do it with the clothes we are wearing. We came up with the idea to wear Blues Brother suits the entire way. It just made more and more sense. They were on a mission from God and so are we." - Bean're

On this ride Bean're and Tim will spread the message about what ALD is and to advocate for ALD newborn screening in every state ! They will carry some proposed legislation to several of the state capitals which they will pass through. They are also are going to attend stops along the way and have fund raisers to help with the Foundation. 

There are 5 donation tiers, each with a gift from us to you as a special thank you. There is also an evolving raffle. Individual raffle tickets will be sold at $10 each. As the journey goes on, Bean're and Tim will collect raffle prizes. Stay tuned to see what new prizes are added and available for the win! 

Grand Prize: David Uhl Signed Print " Iron Horse Heist"
1st Prize: Biltwell Helmet custom designed by Darren Mckeag
....more to come

                                                                             (Level 1) : $25- Sticker & 2 Raffle Tickets
                                                                             (Level 2) : $50- Patch, Sticker & 5 Raffle Tickets
                                                                             (Level 3) : $100- T-shirt, Patch, Sticker & 10 Raffle Tickets
                                                                             (Level 4) : $250- 2 T-shirts, 2 Patches, 2 Stickers & 25 Raffle Tickets
                                                                          (Level 5) : $500- 3 T-shirts, 2 Patches, 4 Stickers & 50 Raffle Tickets 


                          A very special thank you to our  sponsors for their support in making this happen!

                               Buddy Johnson                         

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  • Ruth Murphy - Raffle Ticket & Mailing list - $20.00 - Feb 17, 2017.

    In honor of the Blue Eyed Ruler.... #aidanhasapossee

  • Daniella Bransford - Donate & Mailing list - Feb 14, 2017.

    Happy trails guys!

  • ES Buddy JOHNSON - Raffle Ticket - $300.00 - Feb 13, 2017.

    see you in Late March-April

  • Rusty Cannon - Donate & Mailing list - $55.00 - Feb 13, 2017.

    Good luck and have a safe journey.

  • Peggy Kennady - Donate & Mailing list - $255.00 - Feb 02, 2017.

    Will love following your adventure.

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