The Big GIVE

Annual Fundraiser

Raise $125,000 which will allow us to launch an entirely new program in 2024 we’re calling Storm Chasers. 

Storm Chasers is a small army of volunteers equipped with a mobile kitchen. Nutritious people whipping up nutritious/delicious food. And because they've survived their own storms, they also know how to help others dodge debris.

In every caregiver's life there are storms. The diagnosis, the breakdowns after shouldering too much for too long, living with certainty your loved one might die and the loneliness of the aftermath. Jacks dodge the flying debris as best as they can, yet some of it somehow always hits them.  Most of us send our thoughts and prayers from the comfort of distance. Some of us even send Door Dash gift cards. But Storm Chasers get as close as they possibly can, bringing comfort and joy in a storm of sadness and chaos.


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