Walk A Mile With Me- Mother and Daughter Walk 2023

We can always bump heads with our mothers or daughters, but one thing is for sure...

They will always be our family. 💜

This May, as we also celebrate Mother's Day, we want to reconnect, reconcile, make peace, and foster a healthy bond between mothers and daughters, even if you are not connected by blood. 

We encourage you all to join our Mother and Daughter Walk!

This walk is our mission to support and encourage mothers and daughters to catch up with each other and be there for one another. 

We hope that with every step you take, there will be hearts mended, forgiveness extended, and unity to take place, rekindle, and increase.

Regardless of the biological relationship, we honor and respect women and girls to encourage love and unity among all women.

Join us on May 13th, 2023 along with other mothers and daughters, to reconnect with one another.

We know nothing can ever replace a mother and daughter's love for one another. 🤗💜

*We also understand that Mother's Day weekend is a very special time. But for others, this can be a difficult season for multiple reasons but know that we are here for you. If you have lost your mother or daughter, we encourage you to come and honor their memory. Invite a special woman or girl and walk with us during this special day!

Things to bring during the walk 

  • water
  • comfortable shoes
  • sunblock
  • an open heart

For the first 40 persons who will register, you will receive a swag bag with goodies from Women of Unity!

Are we going to see you there, ladies? 😇

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