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From the New York Times best-selling author Kristi Yamaguchi!

When you pass on some kindness, it might make its way back to you...

Cara the Cat is struggling with picking the perfect song for her new ice-skating routine. But when a friend in need turns up at the rink, Cara drops everything to lend a helping hand. All she asks is that he pay it forward! Before long, Cara's kindness is passed all around...and might even make its way back home!

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Margery Tonna
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Arturo Vargas
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Can you please dedicate the book to my daughter Isabela? (with one L). It's her 6th birthday this 9/13 and she loves figure skating. If I can get it shipped overnight it would be great and I can pay for the shipping too. Mobile: 512 949 9335

Valerie Kortz
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In honor of my friend Eric Brandenburg

Richard Hoefert
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