$20,000 School Supplies Matching Gift Challenge

Double the impact of any gift now thru June 30 until the challenge is met!

$20,000 Matching Challenge Campaign

Two anonymous donors have each given $10,000 and they
are challenging other Friends of SoZo Kids donors for

another $20,000!
With your help we will be able to provide
1,500 SoZo Kids with Backpacks filled to the brim with grade-specific school supplies

DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your gift!

$25 + $25 Matching Gift = $50 of impact = 2 Backpacks & Supplies

$50 + $50 Matching Gift = $100 of impact = 4 Backpacks & Supplies

$250 + $250 Matching Gift = $500 of impact = 20 Backpacks & Supplies

$500 + $500 Matching Gift = $1,000 of impact = 40 Backpacks & Supplies

You get the idea ... 

If we meet our goal we will purchase 1,500 backpacks filled with the grade-specific educational supplies needed for the 2024-25 school year. The Help Agency of the Forest (aka SoZo Kids) will deliver them to the K-12 SoZo school kids living in the forest, with 1,000 of them given away at the Annual Back-to-School Bash on August 10. Having a new backpack filled the right supplies is a great way to encourage SoZo Kids to stay in school.

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