ERP Mobile Clinics

Please join us in raising $50,000 for ERP Namibia to outfit mobile clinics to deploy in cooperating conservancies and provide basic medical care on a periodic basis 

The challenge: limited access to medical services

Rural communities in Namibia are faced with numerous challenges.  Many of them have no access to medical care facilities or support for medical personnel.  Too often common illnesses, such as the flu, often lead to serious illness or even death due to the lack of medical facilities and the travel distance to existing clinics.

Basic healthcare can hugely enhance the lives of so many people living in remote wilderness areas. Procedures taken for granted in areas with access to modern healthcare can be life-changing for others in remote communities. Access to optometrists/specialists etc, can be made possible through innovative technologies such as real-time video consultation & prognosis, mobile scanning equipment and much more…

The solution: deploying mobile clinics

As a solution, ERP Namibia plans to have a mobile clinic built on a 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Unimog chassis. 

The mobile clinic can be deployed in cooperating conservancies on a periodic bases, providing basic medical care, with the ability to transport/refer high care patients to local medical facilities.  In addition, the vehicles can also be utilised as a mobile emergency service to assist local accommodation facilities or tourists travelling in the vicinity.

Cooperating conservancies (communities) are those who collaborate with ERP Namibia through its poverty upliftment objectives and community lead conservation of the local environment, in particular Elephants & Rhino. Mitigation of HEC (Human/Elephant Conflict), is one of the key outcomes of these conservation strategies. 

Community & stakeholder participation

The communities/conservancies:
ERP Namibia in consultation with participating stakeholders will define:
Outline project objectives  Poverty reduction / Area conservation
Participation requirements – Protect & enhance local fauna & flora, especially Elephant & Rhino
Barriers to participation – Non-conformity to objectives & requirements

ERP Namibia Partners =Tourism concession holders/NGOs
The “Partners” will manage the channel of communication and liaisons with communities/conservancies, in essence, ERP Namibia eyes and ears on the ground.


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