Andrea Rivera-Smith Scholarship Fund

The Rivera-Smith Family is pleased to announce the establishment of the Andrea Rivera-Smith Scholarship Fund at Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences.  Many teachers, students, and families at our school felt connected to Andrea. Through her kindness, wisdom, and love for others in the community, Andrea made Arts & Sciences a more wonderful school. 

This fund will support students on their educational journey and will champion a Middle School student per year who exemplifies Andrea’s strength, work ethic, humor and belief in helping others.  Andrea touched the lives of many students and her scholarship will continue honoring and contributing to the education of young leaders and innovators, now and in the future. 

Andrea “will undoubtedly be remembered as a strong, fierce, and beautiful person, who believed firmly in fairness and in helping others. She was proud to be a hard worker and took her work seriously, but at the end of the day, never took herself too seriously, always sharing her sharp wit and unique humor. She loved to find little ways to brighten someone’s day, and even just her amazing smile and laugh brought so much happiness to those she was around." - Joseph Smith

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