Quantum Speaking Annual Private Coaching

Take the Stage, Take the Audience, and Take the Trophy Home

Laser coaching on Zoom 

Coaching fees are 100% tax-deductible*

~Clients will meet with Jackie Bailey during their annual coaching subscription for 30 minutes as often as they'd like when assignments are completed 

~Clients are given a general calendar link to make their appointments

~Clients will focus on three aspects of quantum speaking

  • Take the Stage (confidently speak your message to any market)
  • Take the Audience (connect your story with spectators)
  • Take the Trophy Home (conquer the hearts of all hearers)

Clients can expect to:

1.    Develop a message capable of competition, inspiration, and motivation
2.    Receive direct feedback
3.    Answer opportunities to speak on podcasts, summits, etc.
4.    Be supported in application processes for college, career, and various contingencies

Tuition fees are a 100% tax-deductible, non-refundable contribution to The Speak Feed Lead Project and will go toward supporting programs for children in low-income and marginalized communities.

Quantum Speaking Private Coaching

Quatum Speaking Standard Annual Rate

Standard tuition for annual private coaching with Jackie Bailey. Monthly installments of $677 may be arranged if requested. 100% Tax deductible

Max Quantity:30

Quantum Speaking School Lunch Rate

School Lunch rate is for minor attendees who are on the government school free lunch program. Monthly installments of $427 may be arranged if requested. 100% Tax deductible

1 Reserved
Max Quantity:30


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