Love. We all want it. We all need it. It makes us feel Seen. Heard. Valued.

Love is what sets PRA apart from the many schools you could choose to send your children, our beloved students.

We’re talking about the kind of love that a student receives when a teacher shows compassion when they are feeling left out or left behind.  
PRA sees me.  

The kind of love that a parent experiences because they have a voice and a venue to express a real concern, and the board is able to respond to their family’s need with professionalism and personal care.
PRA hears me.

The love that an administrator feels when a parent reaches out to thank them for taking time out to personally acknowledge and encourage their daughter.
PRA values me.

Please join us in celebrating our love for our very special PRA by making a gift to the I Love PRA campaign. This is one way we can come together to tangibly express our love for a school that has made us feel seen, heard, valued. Loved.

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