Safe Spaces

Presented by Intersection for the Arts and SPUR


Presented by Intersection for the Arts and SPUR

In the wake of the Ghost Ship fire it became evident that many of Oakland’s arts spaces, while serving as safe havens for the community, are structurally unsafe in regards to current building codes. There are many sociopolitical issues at play that have forced our already struggling arts community to inhabit these spaces. Rather than responding to this tragedy by shutting such spaces down and evicting tenants, we should work together to support our arts community. In this spirit, Intersection for the Arts and SPUR have joined forces to present the Safe Spaces workshop. On Wednesday, March 15th, we invite all community members to gather at SPUR’s downtown Oakland location for an informative session on building codes, inspections, event permits, fire safety, and resources for upgrading current spaces. It is our goal that people will leave this workshop with knowledge about what the codes are and where to go for assistance with upgrades. The evening will be both informative and supportive. Building owners and tenants are strongly encouraged to join as this will be an opportunity to connect with and share knowledge and resources with other arts spaces. In these increasingly difficult times we have to work together to ensure the survival of our vital arts community.

Speakers: Tom Dolan, David Keenan, Sarah Lockhart, We the Artist of the Bay Area, the Oakland Warehouse Coalition, and the DIY Communities Safety Fund.

INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS provides artists and arts organizations with resources, community and cultural space in order to develop sustainable practices.

SPUR, with offices in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, is a member-supported civic planning organization that brings people together from across the political spectrum to develop solutions to the big problems our cities face.

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