Giving Tuesday 2022

Support the demand for quality education in Guatemala

Help us raise $10,000 to hire a new teacher

SewHope's Education Program has grown from small group lessons on the front porch of a home in Santa Ana to a new, private school that will be opening in January 2023! Combined with our reinforcement program, we will be educating over 150 students. 

In order to accept all students who are interested in attending SewHope, we need to hire an additional teacher. Just one new teacher will allow us to accept 25 NEW STUDENTS!!! As in the United States, quality teachers are changing the lives of children. In Guatemala, a student's teacher is often the only adult they know who is able to read or write. They are setting the example for students - living proof that you can break the cycle of poverty. Our teachers are fully committed to our mission, and live it every day, going above and beyond what is expected of them. Our teachers, Seiner, Rosselyn, Sofia and Seydi are all certified teachers with advanced degrees, and their commitment to our students is unwavering.

Check out some candid photos below, and you will see the joy that is our SewHope family!

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